Captain’s Newsletter 2020

DCVLGA Newsletter October 2020
We are getting very modern and had a Zoom meeting of the Committee! We thought you might like to know our thoughts for next year. It seems highly unlikely that the AGM will go ahead in January but we have been preparing for next year in the hope that this wretched bug Covid 19 will be under control. Fingers Crossed. Thank you to my Committee for all their hard work this year.
The date for change over to the planned new officers will remain 11th January 2021
Changes to Officers
We have a number of changes to officers this year and we are delighted to welcome and I am sure you will vote for:
Captain Rickie Pawsey (Stover) 1 year
Vice Captain Sue Ritchie (Honiton) 1 year
Treasurer Celia Hamlett (Honiton) 3 years
Competition Secretary Deirdre Mackness (East Devon) 3 years
South Area Rep Jackie Hibberd (co-opted for further year)
Thank you for all of your hard work to outgoing officers: Lynda Perkins, Treasurer, Sue Ritchie Competition secretary, Val Symons North Rep.
Remaining on Committee Lis Bacchus (Secretary) Ann Spiller (East Rep), Lorette Logie (West Rep) Jackie Hibberd (South Rep) Steph Long (past captain) Jackie Hibbard has agreed to stay for one more year as no one came forward to fill her shoes.
So we have vacancies in the North and South Areas. Please come forward we need you.
Changes to Competitions
From 2021 the Flitch and Mixed will become a combined Greensomes Competition this will be held on 2 July 2021 at Holsworthy. If you are a mixed married couple you may enter the Flitch and will be automatically entered into the mixed greensome for no extra fee. I.e. It will run under the same principle as the Killard Leavy and Autumn foursomes. Entries will be sent to the Vice Captain.
FIXTURES for 2021 are on the website. All applications to be sent after the 1st January 2021 please
Handicap Changes
DCVLGA handicap index will be maximum 36.4 for Championships and 40.4 for all others. This will be adjusted at the club into a course handicap. For stablefords and medals you will receive 95% of your course handicap to make your playing handicap.
For the interclub knockout the handicap index will be adjusted by the course slope rating to give a course handicap for each lady. The lady with the lowest course handicap plays of scratch. The Playing Handicap for the other three ladies will be 90% of th difference from the lady with lowest course handicap.
2020 accounts will be put on website when audited.
As 2020 subscriptions are being carried over to 2021 the existing membership lists will be sent out to Club Reps for updating. Only new members to DCVLGA will need to pay £3.00 subscriptions

Steph Long DCVLGA Captain