Flitch Results 2017

Monday 24th JULY 2017

[ Download results:   RESULTS of THE FLITCH 2017 ]

Winner of the Flitch Vase and a gammon joint:

1. Lynda and Nigel Smith (Staddon Heights) 45pts

2. Anne and Danny Wallace (Saunton) 41pts

3. Norma and John Thewlis (Tavistock) 39pts

4. Ruth and Jeremy Horn (RND) 37pts

5. Thea and Phil Durbin (Fingle Glen) 37pts back9

6. Linda and Des Barrington (Ilfracombe) 37pts back9

7. Bernadette and Geoff Maynard (Fingle Glen) 37pts back9

8. Marlene and Keith Carder (Staddon Heights) 36pts

9. Ruth and Tony Bickle (Wrangaton) 36pts back9

10. Jacqui and David Barret (Churston) 35pts

11. Angie and Peter Newman (Wrangaton) 35pts back9

12. Jacqui and Stuart Green (Bigbury) 34pts

13. Christine and Robert Bridgett (Staddon Heights) 34pts back9

14. Lee and Peter Bristow (Saunton) 34pts back9

15. Tania and Kevin Wickham (RND) 34pts back9